With the global outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 we know many are concerned about the health and safety of our community. Naismith Hall is committed to following all CDC and State guidelines, and is optimistically looking forward to 2020/21. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we are receiving, as well as a few exciting updates coming to Naismith for 2020/21, that will help to safeguard and protect the health and safety of our community.

As we all continue to plan for fall semester, we know many families want to know more about the health and safety precautions we will be taking to protect our Naismith Hall community. We will continue to be vigilant in our housekeeping and maintenance efforts throughout the building both in the rooms and in our community spaces, and will also increase cleaning efforts wherever necessary to adapt to any new CDC or State guidelines.


We will also be modifying our building occupancy for 2020/21. While we believe social connection and development to be a vital part of the university experience, we are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining physical distancing to safeguard community and resident health. Our goal is to provide a residential experience that allows physical distancing for health and safety, and also maximizes responsible and safe social interaction to minimize emotional distancing. Given that our building is already set up in semi-private and private suites, we believe we are already uniquely positioned to provide a healthy amount of distancing and safe social interaction. That said, we also know that there are many residents that could require or prefer an even higher level of physical distancing. To achieve this, we are restructuring our resident room occupancy to provide another level of distancing.

For 2020/21 we will be shifting a majority of our floors to single occupancy rooms so we can have Reduced Occupancy Floors that allow for increased physical distancing. The suite options will be as follows on these floors:
Semi-private Suites – only 1 resident per room and a semi-private bathroom that will be shared with only 1 other resident.
Private Suites– offer even more physical distancing and will have only 1 resident in the suite and include its own private bathroom.
Ultimately, we want to facilitate a reduction in the overall occupancy of the Naismith, but more importantly, increase the accessibility of residence hall housing options that allows for both enhanced physical distancing as well as a supportive, safe social experience.


We are also aware that many families are experiencing financial stress as a result of this pandemic, and want to offer financial relief wherever possible. As such, we are endeavoring to make single room housing as accessible to our residents as possible, sowe are now offering our single rooms at a reduced rate for 2020/21. Below are the new rates for our single rooms on our Reduced Occupancy Floors

2020/21 Reduced Occupancy Floor Single Room Rates:

1-person Semi-Private Suite: $7,000
1-person DELUXE Semi-Private Suite: $8,200
1-person STUDIO Semi-Private Suite: $12,000
1-person Private Suite: $11,000


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Updated: APRIL 24, 2020

The health and safety of our Naismith Community is our highest priority, and as such we will be supporting the guidelines set forth in the the Governor’s recent Executive Order directing Kansas residents to stay home. Naismith Hall is officially CLOSED as of 3/30/2020.

Our staff are now working remotely, with limited access to our phone lines, so for quickest response during this time, please contact us via email at, rather than phone.


What happens if classes don’t start in Fall?

This is a question that is coming up with increasing regularity, so we wanted to share what information we have and what we have planned thus far. Given that there are a number of variables that could fluctuate between now and fall 2020, it is our understanding that any possible changes in course delivery will most likely not be decided upon until later this summer. In the meantime though, Naismith Hall is continuing to plan for the best, and for KU to begin classes on campus as scheduled for fall semester.
However, should the start of the semester be delayed or even cancelled, resident contracts will be adjusted to reflect the new dates of the academic year. For example, if KU remains closed for next year and students are not allowed to come back to campus, we will refund any payments made and would cancel your contract. If the semester start is delayed, we would adjust the total contract amount to reflect the days you are actually able to live in the building. We want you to know that residents will not be held to their room and board contract should the University decide students cannot come to campus; we will refund any payments for the amount of time you are unable to use your contract. As always, we want to do all we can to support your financial and personal wellness.

Below you will find links to campus resources for updated information on COVID-19 at the University of Kansas.