Naismith Hall has a long, proud tradition of supporting the KU Jewish Community.  
Conveniently located across the street from the KU Chabad and adjacent to the University of Kansas main campus, Naismith Hall has been home to generations of Jewhawks!  

Through our close partnership with Chabad, we have helped our residents stay connected to the Jewish culture and traditions.  Chabad schedules and oversees a variety of special events at Naismith, including Kosher meals throughout the year.  Also, our Naismith residents are only steps away from Shabbat at Chabad!

Additionally, to ensure our community at Naismith is as inclusive as possible, we work with Chabad to develop staff trainings to bring awareness to the unique cultural aspects of the Jewish faith.

Learn more about our Cultural Programming below.

Chabad at KU and Naismith Hall Jewish Students Program

Lobby Girls Food
Passover Lobby
Matzo Boy Passover Lobby
Lobby Food Fun
Kosher Dinner at NH
Hannukah donuts
Hannukah- girl
Hannukah donuts-2
Holidays at NH
CHabad NH Lobby
Chabad crafts
Chabad at NH Dining Room


Challah Baking in Community Kitchen & sharing of fresh Challah

Shofar Making Factory and Candied Apples in Lobby, Sukkah Hut at Naismith Hall

Menorah in Lobby with Special lighting, Chanukah Bash

Hamentashen Baking Workshop, Holiday Basket Distribution

Matzah Ball Soup Cook-off, Free Matzah to all residents sponsored by Chabad and much more.


As a college student at KU being so far away from home, it can be so difficult to celebrate my culture and my heritage. That is why it has been so special and meaningful during my freshmen year to have so many opportunities at Naismith Hall to celebrate my Judaism. From amazing kosher dinners at the cafeteria, to all kinds of fun holiday celebrations in the lobby and the lounges, to delicious Challah bread each week for Shabbat. Thanks to Chabad's partnership with Naismith Hall, I can feel right at home even while I may be so many miles away.


As a Jewish resident of Naismith, I have really appreciate the Kosher food corner as a kosher option in the cafeteria. Looking around, there are so many fellow students who feel right at home when enjoying our favorite kosher meats. The food is awesome and it allows me to observe Judaism in college, which can sometimes be difficult.


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and your staff for offering your Jewish residents at Naismith Hall the option of purchasing a hot kosher meal. As a Jewish mother I appreciate the extra effort, time, and expense that you put into providing kosher meals for your hungry students. Naismith is rising above and beyond and for this I am so very grateful.


If you have kids thinking about going to KU, Naismith is an awesome dorm and yes there are a LOT of Jewish kids and having Chabad right there makes it feel right at home. The Kosher meals really makes it great for kids that do keep Kosher. I applaud Naismith for always being a great dorm and a great home away from home!


*Images above are not a direct representation of students and parents.
“…and within the short time it took us to walk from Naismith across the street to the Chabad house, Rabbi Zalman had put trays of food out for us.” -CHABAD AT KU WAS MY HOME AWAY FROM HOME, Kansas City Jewish Chronicle